Skor is an evil dinosaur who always attempting to cause trouble in his attempts to take over the world. He often tries to stop the KFDP, who often far more clever than him.

When no one came to his birthday party, Skor swore to conquer the world so he could force people to come his parties. He created an army of mutant dinos to aid him but when the Ice Age hit, he sealed them in crystals to protect them from the ice. Millions of years later, Skor's frozen body was discovered along with his younger brother Skrap and the members of the Kung Fu Dino Posse. When Edgar accidentally caused a citywide blackout, the dinos thawed out and Skor and Skrap made for themselves a mountain lair with their lizard foot soldiers, the Links. Skor now searches for the crystals containing his mutant dinos so he can use them to conquer Megalopolis and the world.

Skor always tries to zapping the crystal to unlock new monsters to help him to take over the planet.