Lucy was a yellow Triceratops and the only female member of the Kung Fu Dino Posse.


She wore two different outfits; casual and combat. The casual consisted of a black vest, pink baggy cargo pants, and high-top trainers whereas the combat outfit consisted of a pink t-shirt, a white, flame-patterened kimono with black lacing, and pink and black striped leggings. She also wore black wristbands and a pink headband.


She is quite resilient, calm, collected, and can follow and enforce orders from Kane without hesitation, but can be quite sarcastic. She is quite worldly and knowledgeable of the time of the dinosaurs and the modern era. She is seemingly quite into "girl stuff" in the modern era, such as having "girl talks", and her mannerisms and personality also reflect this, she sometimes gets annoyed with Jet and Chow's immature remarks or actions.


Kane, Jet and Chow - She's sometimes upset in being the only dino girl of the group and also pretty much annoyed with their actions. Some say she has a romatic relationship between one of each.

Edgar - Unlike the other posse, she respects Edgar and understands him and his feelings, although sometimes she's not sure about his antics

Polly- She has best friendship with Polly because of their girl stuff.

Weapons and Gadgets


Lucy may be named after Asian-American actress Lucy Liu who is known for playing martial artists.

Despite her outfit resembling fire, she has never shown any affilition with FIre, in fact her favorite weapon is an ice beam.

Lucy slightly resembels a more humaniod version of Sarah from "Land before time"