Jet is an orange pteranodon.


Jet comes off as the most street smart and (modern) of the Posse, especially in terms of language (referring to many people as "Dudes"). He comes off as rude, somewhat of a jerk, and full of himself but can be helpful, and quick to cover up a situation with words to those who are unaware. At times, he can be quite hasty and headstrong, which gets him captured or into trouble, usually as a result of trying to command the Posse, and take charge from Kane.


Kane - He often likes to annoy Kane like everyone else and disobay his orders. They still best friends and enjoy things together.

Lucy - Fans say there's a romantic relationship between the two. They seem pretty close most of the times.

Chow - He's use to chow's hunger and funniness. He loves to torcher him most of the time.

Edgar - He appreates Edgar's knowledge and smart, as well as his inventions, but he doesn't understand his smart talk.

Weapons and GadgetsEdit


White t-shirt,blue sleeveless jacket with yellow strip, black cargo pants and some black sneakers.


  • Jet is likely named after the famous martial artist Jet Li.
  • Jet is constatnly refered to as a bird even though Pterandons are reptiles.